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Navigating the Telecommunications Tangle: A Blueprint for Industry Evolution

Once a streamlined avenue for communication, the telecommunications industry has morphed into a labyrinth of products and services, akin to a cluttered hoarder’s house. Let’s delve into the roots of this complexity and explore why the telecom sector has amassed such a messy array of offerings. More crucially, let’s examine […]

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Unlocking the Potential of AI in 2024: A Data-Driven Odyssey with the Salesforce Data Cloud

As we stand at the current pinnacle of discussions surrounding artificial intelligence, the spotlight is undeniably on the paramount importance of data. However, the downer is the relative absence of groundbreaking AI solutions in the spotlight. Crafting emails and summarizing text? That’s yesterday’s news. What we yearn for is genuine […]

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Mastering the Post-Contract Landscape: Carriers’ Journey to Success through ‘Stickiness’

Over the past decade, telecommunication carriers’ business models have experienced a notable paradigm shift, bidding farewell to the traditional subscription-based postpaid model and ushering in a new era of flexibility through contract-free options, including prepaid plans and month-to-month agreements. The emphasis on cultivating customer stickiness (retention) and minimizing churn has […]

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