As we stand at the current pinnacle1 of discussions surrounding artificial intelligence, the spotlight is undeniably on the paramount importance of data. However, the downer is the relative absence of groundbreaking AI solutions in the spotlight. Crafting emails and summarizing text? That’s yesterday’s news. What we yearn for is genuine problem-solving, moving beyond mere use of pilots that can barely pilot. Despite AI’s quirks like performance limitations, explainability challenges, and data bias, it’s time to confront these challenges and tackle solvable problems. Yes, AI may not be the panacea for every challenge, but its potential is vast.

In my quest to grasp the fundamentals of AI, I’ve immersed myself in online certifications and Salesforce trailheads. One of my best resources has been from a longstanding partner in the AI realm of Salesforce is Sir Charles McGuiness. Along with our enlightening conversations, he has shared his insightful AI perspectives through posts on Owls Throughout this learning journey, my focus honed in on mastering the art of collecting and organizing data leveraging the Salesforce Data Cloud. As with any AI or analytics endeavor, quality data is THE 

 pivotal first step in order to be successful.

As Salesforce is my chosen tech religion2, my exploration began by uncovering the potential of the Salesforce Data Cloud for gathering data from diverse sources. It really took me back to my days as a CIO in the sports industry. While working at Orlando City SC, my dream3 was to create a comprehensive customer/fan profile by aggregating data from ticketing, concessions, retail, academies, and more. It’s a task akin to herding cats. I vividly recall the frustration of missing out on data from my stadium Wi-Fi and DAS. A well-optimized stadium communication setup moves tons of data during a sold-out event—a potential goldmine if paired with AI.

Now, envision extending this vision to other industries–a real-time 360-degree customer4 view with AI processing data from massive transaction industries like Telco or Financial services. The impact of AI on business and society, fueled by Data Cloud in Salesforce’s GenAI innovation, will usher in elevated business analysis and intelligent automation.

But it doesn’t stop there. The transformative influence of AI reaches well beyond computing devices, reshaping transactions, diagnostics, surgeries, driving, industrial processes, medical imaging, financial modeling, and computer vision. We are on the trajectory to unlock this potential, heralding improved decision-making and expedited product and service launches in the future.

Join us as we embark on this journey into the future, where AI and data converge to redefine possibilities and reshape industries.

  1. Don’t worry, there will be a new pinnacle next month. ↩︎
  2. It was more of a recruitment into the Salesforce religion, rather than a choice. Religion is funny like that. ↩︎
  3. Actually it wasn’t a dream but something that kept me up many nights. ↩︎
  4. Always promised but not always delivered. ↩︎

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